Developer/Freeholder Services

When considering management arrangements for new sites, both developers and potential purchasers need clear information and advice. Burns Hamilton supports all parties at every stage of the process, from construction through to occupation and beyond.

Our developer management services include the production of management information packs. Included with sales particulars, the packs clearly outline the management arrangements, responsibilities and service charges.

The team is on-hand to answer any queries raised by potential buyers or their solicitors. Armed with swift, definitive information, prospective purchasers can make informed choices. The knowledge that the property will be managed efficiently and cost-effectively by a managing agent with a good track record can assist in closing the sale.

Involving us in the initial stages will save you headaches and money in the longer term and allow you to make more effective use of your valuable time.

Full Management

We are fully aware that being a Freeholder can sometimes place Freeholders in a precarious position, especially if a development is not managed correctly. Our aim is to remove as much of the hassle and risk to you, as Freeholder, as we possibly can and ensuring your development complies with all current legislation, regulations and the terms of the lease.

We would be happy to discuss your needs with you and develop a management package that works. If you are planning a development, building a development, buying a Freehold as an investment, moving the management of a portfolio, or giving up in house management, contact Burns Hamilton today and take the first step to peace of mind.

Ground Rent Collections

As a developer, you may have decided to relinquish the management responsibility of the property or development. If this is the case with your development, but don’t want the hassle of collecting ground rents, then you will want to make sure you employ an ARMA agent who can be trusted to collect your ground rents when due and as per the lease.

Whether it is for a single development or for a portfolio, contact us today and we would be happy to discuss your ground rent collection needs.