The Consumer Charter is for you – whether you are a leaseholder, residents’ management company director, freeholder, developer or landlord. It sets out how ARMA members must deal with clients and the standard of customer service you can expect.

ARMA-Q members must:

  • Be honest, fair, open and transparent and provide a timely and professional service with access to the information needed.
  • Act with skill, care, diligence and without discrimination.
  • Make sure that all their staff are appropriately trained and knowledgeable.
  • Have written terms of business.
  • Provide their complaints handling procedure specifying the ombudsman scheme to which they subscribe.
  • Comply with all relevant legal requirements and relevant codes of practice.
  • Avoid conflict of interest.
  • Maintain clear, accurate and up-to-date financial records.
  • Ensure that any client money is held separately from the managing agent’s other monies.
  • Hold appropriate professional indemnity insurance.

Any member who falls short of the Charter may be subject to disciplinary action. For further information e-mail

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